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Saturday, December 18, 2010


I cannot imagine living in a world where it was against the law to worship God....tonight's reading is about Daniel who knew and believed that God was the only true God. He was so faithful that he didn't care that it might cost him his life. He was punished and thrown in a pit of lions for breaking the law. But God protected Daniel and he was not touched by the dangerous hungry creatures. When people learned about God's power and how Daniel trusted and honored God.....they too worshiped Him too.

We have to give Pier One credit for this ornament! ;)

For he is the living God,
and he will endure forever.
His kingdom will never be destroyed,
and his rule will never end.
He rescues and saves his people;
he performs miraculous signs and wonders
in the heavens and on earth.
He has rescued Daniel
from the power of the lions. ~Daniel 6:26-27